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How to Make a Glass Tile Photo Pendant

How to Make a Glass Tile Photo Pendant

1. Photo paper. I use Office Max, Professional Photo Paper, matte-professional, 10.75 mil
2. Clear glass tile cabochon
3. Diamond Glaze
5. Spray Gloss or White Paint
6. Super Glue
6. Jewelry Bail
7. Masking Tape
8. Rubbing Alcohol or Denatured Alcohol

1. X-Acto knife
2. Finger nail file
3. Cutting mat or flat card board
4. Q-Tips
5. Scissors
6. Penny

Step One:
Print your image on the matte paper. I like to do three prints of the same image. One to work with and two spares, just in case something goes wrong. Make sure you leave room between the images. I like to print a 1.125 X 1.125 inch border around the image, with the image inside the border.
Photo Pendant Image on Matt Paper Click on Images To Enlarge
Step Two:
Look at your images and select the best one. Cut your image out. Leave some room around the image to work with. Save your other images.
Cut Out Image
Step Three:
Place your image on a flat surface. Put the glass tile on it and see exactly where you want the glass to set. Now apply Diamond Glaze to the image. Set the glass tile on the image and press down and move the glass around. Look for any bubbles that are between the paper and the glass. You can remove them by pressing harder and moving the glass around. Take your Q-tip and run around the edge of the glass to remove any Diamond Glaze that has oozed out. Let dry.
Glass Tile on Image Diamond Glaze on Image Q-Tip Diamond Glaze off Image
Step Four:
Place your pendant on your cutting mat. Hold the pendant down firmly and cut off the excess paper surrounding the tile with your X-Acto knife.
X-Acot Knife Cutting Image
Step Five:
Use the finger nail file and on a 45 degree angle, sand the paper. I do only one or two swipes. Just enough to give it a beveled edge. Be careful not to touch the glass with the file or it will scratch. Place masking tape on your glass tile sides, just under the paper image and fold over onto the back of the glass tile.
Finger nail File on Image Masking Tape Edge of Glass Tile Masking Tape Back of Glass Tile
Step Six:

Place the glass pendant on a penny with the paper side up.
Spray the paper side of the pendant with your white enamel paint or clear gloss.
Spray down, not sideways. Give it two or three good coats. Let dry.

Penny and glass tile pendant Glass Tile Painted
Step Seven:
Remove the masking tape. Use alcohol or denatured alcohol with a q-tip to clean the face of the glass. Rub some alcohol on the side of the glass and use your q-tip or finger nail to remove any paint on the glass. Do not scrape the edge of the paper.

Step Eight:
Glue on your jewelry bail with your super glue and you are done.

Glass Tile Pendant and Jewelry bail Glue jewelry bail onto glass tile pendant Finished Glass Tile Pendant

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