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How To Make a Glass Cabochon Refrigerator Magnet

How To Make a Glass Cabochon Refrigerator Magnet
Supplies Needed:
1. Clear Glass Cabochon, 1 inch square or round.
2. Image from a photo, magazine, etc.
3. Diamond Glaze
4. Magnet (Round 1/2 x 1/16, N35 Rare Earth Neodymium)
5. Spray gloss
6. Wax paper
7. Super Glue
8. Masking Tape
9. Q-tip
1. X-Acto knife
2. Cutting mat or flat card board

Glass Cabochon Refrigerator Magnet

By using photos or images, glass tiles, and the rare earth neodymium magnets with the super glue you can make a crafty refrigerator magnet for your home or friends.

Choose the backing for this craft project. Creativity pays off at this point. You can use images, a photo, old books, maps, patterned paper (including wrapping paper), newspaper, junk mail, cereal boxes, or anything with an interesting image/pattern printed on it.

Wash & dry your glass tile using warm, soapy water and rinse. This removes any residue from the glass tile and allows for the best adhesion of the diamond glaze to the glass.

With your image source selected, take the glass tile and place it on the image source. You will get an idea of what the image will look like as a refrigerator magnet. Now use a 1″ square paper punch and punch out the image from the source that you have selected from magazines, cereal boxes, newspapers, books, or other sources.

On a flat surface, place your image, face up, on a piece of wax paper. Add a bead of Diamond Glaze all the way around the image, right next to the edge of the image. Add two drops of Diamond Glaze to the center of the image. Place your glass tile on top of the image and glue and move the glass tile in a circle motion, until you see that all the glue has covered the image and the glass tile. Line up the glass tile squarely with the image and let set for about 60 seconds, then while holding down the glass tile with one finger, use a damp q-tip to wipe off any extra adhesive on the sides. Let dry overnight.

Place your pendant on your cutting mat. Hold the pendant down firmly and cut off the excess paper surrounding the tile with your X-Acto knife.

Next, you are going to spray the back side of the image with clear gloss. Use masking tape to cover the sides of the glass right up to the edge of the image. Do not cover the edge of the image with the masking tape. Fold your masking tape over onto the front of the glass tile. At this point, all the glass should be covered.

Set the glass tile down with the back side of the image facing up. Spray with clear gloss. Three to four light coats will do the trick. Let dry between coats. Then let dry overnight.

Remove the masking tape and look at the sides of the glass tile. If there is some dried diamond glaze remaining on the glass, use a cloth with hot water and rub off the diamond glaze.

Apply a very small dab of super glue to the center of the back of the glass tile image and apply the magnet.

Press the magnet firmly into place over the glue. Let dry.

Stick on and enjoy. Congratulations! You have created a neat little craft project, which serves both functionality and decor. Time to go decorate your refrigerator, dishwasher, student locker or anything else you choose.

Glass Cabochon Refrigerator Magnet Sample Refrigerator Magnet Images
Sample Refrigerator Magnet Sample Refrigerator Magnet Images

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