Bosin Hardware Co. Review

Bosin Hardware Co. Ltd Review

Victim of this China seller rip-off.
We ordered sterling silver plated products from Bosin Hardware Co.
Bosin Hardware Co. sent us nickel silver. Big difference.
We sent Bosin Hardware detailed specification which clearly specified that the product had to be sterling silver plated.
Bosin Hardware outright lied to us, stating that the product would match all specifications.
When it was brought to their attention, all we heard was more lies.
We strongly suggest that you do not purchase products from Bosin Hardware Co., Ltd.
It is highly likely that you will be another victim of Bosin Hardware rip-off.

Tristen Thomas
Glass Tile Craft Shop

Bosin Hardware Co., Ltd
No.25,12 Lane, Jinxin Road, Jinxia New Village
Chang an, Dong guan,GD 523850
MP: 86 136 1273 9559

Zhang Yang
Changan Town, Ha Kong Management District
Get rich West , North Lane 1

Jack Zhang, Jack Cheung, Zhang Yang

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